An installation for Mac OSX Maverick users using MacPorts

  1. Set up Git for Mac.

  1. Install fresh MacPorts or upgrade if necessary:

Macports requires X11 and Xcode (see instructions in step 1; install via the App store).


One can set the Mac terminal Python command with:

sudo port select –set python pythonNN

where NN == 34 or 27 (3.4 or 2.7 or whatever version the user wants as default)

Make sure to install virtualenv-2.7, but note it isn’t by default on the path – when firing CLLD install instructions, add to path or use:

/opt/local/bin/virtualenv-2.7 <venv>

where <venv>, as below, is the name of your virtual environment.

  1. Install Python 2.7 and other libraries that are required for CLLD

<insert like to required libraries>

  1. Install Postgres (or other relevant database program) for CLLD:

Then follow the CLLD install instructions (Installation).