Source code for clld.web.adapters.base

"""Base classes for adapters."""
import uuid

from zope.interface import implementer
from pyramid.response import Response
from pyramid.renderers import render as pyramid_render
from clldutils.misc import slug

from clld import interfaces

[docs]class Renderable(object): """Virtual base class for adapters. Adapters can provide custom behaviour either by specifying a template to use for rendering, or by overwriting the render method. """ name = None template = None mimetype = 'text/plain' extension = None send_mimetype = None rel = 'alternate' content_type_params = None def __init__(self, obj): self.obj = obj @property def label(self): return getattr(self, '__label__', self.__class__.__name__) @property def charset(self): return 'utf-8' \ if self.mimetype.startswith('text/') \ or 'xml' in self.mimetype \ or 'kml' in self.mimetype \ else None def render_to_response(self, ctx, req): res = Response(self.render(ctx, req)) res.vary = str('Accept') res.content_type = str(self.send_mimetype or self.mimetype) if self.charset: res.content_type += str('; charset=') + str(self.charset) if self.content_type_params: d = res.content_type_params for k, v in self.content_type_params.items(): d[str(k)] = str(v) res.content_type_params = d return res def template_context(self, ctx, req): return {} def render(self, ctx, req): context = self.template_context(ctx, req) context.setdefault('ctx', ctx) return pyramid_render(self.template, context, request=req)
[docs]@implementer(interfaces.IRepresentation) class Representation(Renderable): """Base class for adapters implementing IRepresentation."""
[docs]@implementer(interfaces.IRepresentation) class Json(Renderable): """JavaScript Object Notation.""" name = 'JSON' mimetype = 'application/json' extension = 'json' def render(self, ctx, req): return pyramid_render('json', ctx, request=req)
[docs]@implementer(interfaces.IIndex) class Index(Renderable): """Base class for adapters implementing IIndex."""
def adapter_factory(*args, **kw): # for backwards compatibility we interpret the first positional argument as template: if args: kw['template'] = args[0] assert 'template' in kw kw.setdefault('mimetype', 'text/html') kw.setdefault('extension', 'html') base = kw.pop('base', Representation) return type(str('AdapterFromFactory%s' % slug(str(uuid.uuid4()))), (base,), kw)