Cross-Linguistic Linked Data

The Project

The goal of the Cross-Linguistic Linked Data project (CLLD) is to help collecting the world’s language diversity heritage. This is to be facilitated by developing, providing and maintaining interoperable data publication structures.

For more information refer to the project’s website at

The clld framework

Underlying all applications built within the project to publish datasets is the clld framework - a python package providing functionality to build and maintain CLLD apps.


The main challenge for the clld framework is to balance abstraction and concreteness.

The following goals directed the design:

  • There must be a core database model, which allows for as much shared functionality as possible. In particular, publication of Linked Data and integration with services such as OLAC must be implemented by the framework.
  • Deployment of CLLD applications must be uniform and easy.
  • User interfaces of applications for browsers must be fully customizable.
  • It must be easy to re-implement legacy applications using the framework.

These constraints led to the following design decisions:

The applications

For a list of applications developed on top the clld framework see the list of CLLD datasets.

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